It is ok to want money

Happy Monday. 


Here is your mission for this week:


1. Create and foster your actor's community! Do you want to receive support when you perform? Then you've got to give support. Reach out to your fellow actors and students and just ask them how they are doing!


2. Money: You were create to experience life to the fullest. You need to pamper your artist and be able to travel, learn and use whatever tool you deem necessary to grow as an artist.


And for that you need money!


Allow yourself to think about money this week and about how to make more. (no judging, just happy thoughts to attract money - making ideas)



If you are stuck at a job that is taking all your time and doesn't make you happy - maybe it is time to plan for a change.

Don't think : This is too difficult. Ask: what are other people around you doing.

Have a great week

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Make your life happen, because nobody else will!


ralph kinnard