I was broke and no way of getting a real job


See, I was in New York, had just finished my studies at the famous Lee Strasberg Institute and was ready to conquer the world.

BUT, I was broke and had no way of getting a real job.

It was so painful and frustrating!

I had done all these great scenes in class, but whenever an agent said: so, Ralph, show me your work – my only answer was: I don’t have any material of me acting..

They couldn’t get me a job, because they couldn’t see me act on film.


It took me forever to book my first gig on a BBC Drama called “As the walked through the fare”. I was ecstatic – now my acting life would take off, or so I thought.

Then I learned that it takes months – MONTHS!! – for the film to be edited and come out and another couple of months until the producer finally sends you the material of yourself.


That’s when I realized there is a much, much better way:


I will film professional scenes in class every month after rehearsing with you
(after all that’s why I went to film school for)


and I’ll upload them to youtube.com the very next day.


Check it out: www.youtube.com/miamiactingstudio


-  and immediately you exist.


Agents can get to know you and you can book acting work.


My goal is to help three types of people:

-       Beginners who will get all the training to book real acting gigs in Miami,

-       Advanced actors who try to land bigger roles in New York and L.A. (as you probably heard, all Castings are done online nowadays)


and people who just want to get into acting for the fun of it (nothing wrong with loving acting…).

In my experience there are two kinds of people in this world:


People who are great at finding excuses (and do nothing, but complain about life) and people who change the world and take a leap of faith when they see a great new opportunity.


That’s the kind of actors I want to work with.


If that’s you, call us, write to this email, send a smoke signal or just make lot of noise so we can reserve your spot asap (there are only a limited free spots every week).


This just might be the new opportunity you have been waiting for.


Just imaging the excitement you will feel on your first day on a movie set and I have a proven plan to get you there:


I will produce your acting reel for you – you will star in real movie scenes every months and it’s your golden ticket to book jobs and find an agency.

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Make your life happen, because nobody else will!

ralph kinnard