Acting Studio America

I know from experience that the beginning is difficult and especially if you are picking an acting class:



Am I too old?
Is it too late?
Should I be trying this path?

Maybe you should listen to your loving friends and parents and just PICK A REASONABLE JOB and give up on your dreams!!!

What I know is this:

If we don’t try out new stuff, we will waste the only thing that is really important: TIME.

You will be a year older in a year from now and you still will wonder ‘what if only I had the guts‘ every time you watch the Oscars on TV and see a great movie.

I’ve got a lot of answers for all the questions above, but the only real question is:

What do you have to loose?



- Learn Acting by Filming professional movie scenes

- Build your acting reel you can post on and to get real Casting Directors interested in you (and never pay for a Casting!)

Learn about acting in order to book your first job from anywhere (80% of all Castings are done online nowadays) and then WHILE you book work learn acting in more depth.